Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Field Report 4th Gathering February 2012 (Part 3 of 3)

You can check Part 1 and Part 2 there :D.


We actually already closed our gathering at midnight, what was left for the cake was almost the remnant. Suddenly, the rain start to fall again, heavy and like forever. We took our decision to go downtown. I couldn't fully concentrated because I already crossed my curfew long enough to the point making my response and reflex was slowpoke. What happens during the round trip, let's just become our secret. Arrived at LZ at about 0130, I muttered, "Oh, it's already Saturday!". Aya sent me home, thank you so much. Thank God someone opened the door for me, and I was just like barging to my room and then...oyasumi nasai...
I was already in hibernate state.

Look at the background! That is Yogyakarta!

Aya said that we were in Tokyo that night hahaha!

Oom Ian captured our moment ^w^. Seemed that Aquart shopped herself into the picture :D.
Okay, that was my story, how about yours?

We accept every single advice, criticism and excoriations for further improvement. Please support us! Any review about the discussions, the participants, the food, the place, the time etc are more than welcomed!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Field Report 4th Gathering February 2012 (Part 2 of 3)

Check part 1 of 3 in here.

Now, let's go part 2 of 3 ;).

Mbah Jafar and FB

I sent notifications twice to the participants so they wouldn't forget or late. Don't you dare break my heart, Guys. The Landing Zone (LZ) was at Tugu Station. We agreed to put our motorcycles there and marching from there together. "Rain...I actually love you. It's pure and sincere feeling toward you...but please...just for today, don't do that", that was what my pray yesterday. But yeah...I think it was raining because several guys and gals also broke my heart, Sis Aquart, Keima-kun, Sis Rattri and Joelista couldn't participate. It's still water drop though. Sis Aquart was celebrating her birthday with her family (hey, I bought cake and we ate the cake for your sake, Sis), Keima-kun was already drenched and decided to go back, Sis Rattri had sudden business and Joelista was MIA.
Aya (didn't pay attention to the camera), Clink and Mbah Jafar
Agus and Dika
FB, Oom Ian and Agus. It was chilly so Agus wore his shawl.
Chronologically: Big D (wearing army pants) and Oom Ian (wearing red Angry Birds jumper) were the first reach the LZ. Aya (wearing flashy spectacles) and I arrived at LZ around 1930 (I bought brownies first). Agus with his "Fuck Yea" T-shirt appeared from thin air like a boss, he just arrived from Malang and hadn't slept for two days. Eh?!. Jibril arrived just after he called me like er...twice or so, wearing elephant colour sweater. Alund (with flip-flop) and Clink (hey, we're like twin, Bro) emerged from Masnyo's car (four of them were in the same car). Dika with her untied hair and Masnyo with blue sweater followed behind them. Mbah Jafar happened to troll me, but he finally arrived. And of course...FB, our self-proclaimed cute prince drifted to the LZ. Finally! After a short briefing, praying and taking pictures, we marched! FYI, we finally only used three cars. Aya's batmobile was left behind. Team Masnyo: Masnyo, Dika, Alund, and Clink; team Big D: Big D, Mbah Jafar, Jibril and Oom Ian; team FB: FB, Agus, Aya, Yuki.

Meanwhile, inside FB's car...

"Actually, I forget to bring my glasses, Guys. I can't see well without my glasses", FB murmured when he ignited the engine.
"Okay! I can be your driver", I shouted non-chalantly.
"Agus haven't slept for two days. Neither Aya. He had long shot shooting schedule", I reckoned
FB in *poker face, "Never mind!"
Alund facepalming over the joke.
Wuah! It was still rain at Yogyakarta second floor. And guess what? We were the only ones occupy the hut! Fantastic! After quick glance to Aya's watch (oh, it's already 2100), I started the main event without delay. We started order the menu. I took two bowls of "mie rebus telor", actually want to order three, but.... One by one, we introduced ourselves. Chronologically: Oom Ian, Agus, Dika, Masnyo, Jibril, Alund, Mbah Jafar, Clink, FB and then Big D. Aya and I hadn't done introduction and interrogation session. Xixixi....

I better keep in darkness what the interrogation parts for myself. GOSSIP-GOSSIP-GOSSIP! Thank you guys and gals, you made my heart warm just like the mie rebus and the chocolate milk. Time flied very fast when we are with someone we love. Thank you for the participation. I really really grateful to have you all sat with me yesterday and warmed and screwed my heart respectively, still I LOVE it, Guys and Gals! Once again, I'm grateful we can congregate together under the same roof's discussion. You see...even though we can't see the stars, they are always there.

WOI, there's still more!!...

See you in part 3 of 3 ;).

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Field Report: 4th Gathering February 2012 (Part 1 of 3)

Okay, I think I was super excited and mega motivated to the point I made the field report of February 2012's gathering into two parts in the real thread :P. But I guess it will be a very long post if I put that into this blog, so instead to go linear with the thread, I will divided the field report into THREE posts! kidding.

So, here was the invitation of February 2012's gathering,and I will present you with super long field report ;). Oh yeah, the link for pictures from Mbah Jafar's camera were broken. Too bad! And I don't want to bother myself to ask the pictures. Too much hassle and I don't know when he will reupload the pictures...soo...yeah, I think I will just use the valid pictures from J's camera (fortunately). I hope we upload the pictures into reliable image hosting from now on.

This picture was taken in one of the hut in the Bukit Bintang. Twelve participants total!
English Corner Gathering RY : In This Rain You Warm My Heart

Greeting to the all dwellers of English Corner!
English Corner Regional Yogyakarta (shortened Ecorey or Ecory) had already executed its FOURTH gathering. The review as follow:

Date | Friday, 3 February 2012
Time | 1900 till drop
Venue | Bukit Bintang, Wonosari, DIY
Agenda | Chit-chat, H2H discussion, trolling and bullying, gossiping, eating, galau-ing

Our fourth gathering actually had tagline: Starry Night at Starhill (JC proposed that), but since it was raining all the time during our gathering, so I took deliberately to change the tagline . Sorry, JC, it barely no star can be visually seen during our conclave. And yeah, my chosen tagline is pretty lame and cheesy, but yeah...I think it's decent enough since I indeed feel warm.

Thanks to God we were finally able to hold our fourth gathering, thanks to all the participants who spare their time for attending this gathering, thanks to the participants who actually wish to come but suddenly had another date with another destiny (JC, Sis Aquart, Rattri, Joelista and Keima-kun). Thanks to Mbah Jafar's and Jibril's cameras, also the activists happened to participate last night. YOU GUYS ROCKS! .
I also want so said SORRY for everyone who actually want to join our gathering but hadn't gotten my PM/ SMS due to uncertainty issue. See the reason below. Keep reading-keep reading...

Order alphabetically

  1. adrian.s.rasnie (Activist Regional Kalbar)
  2. Agusetia
  3. Alund (WAP Enthusiast)
  4. AyaConDioz
  5. clinkklontank
  6. dikanewbie93 (Special guest from Padang)
  7. dooskiss
  8. Jibril
  9. masnyo2
  10. mbah.jafar (Activist Regional Yogyakarta)
  11. xfakexbloodx
  12. Yukikawaii
My version:


This was pretty CRAZY gathering! . We actually already planned it far before, to be exact just after we finished our third gathering. Literally. JC and Aya came up with the idea (the venue). Big D also played important part here, he yearned for night or midnight gathering . I just got agape hearing about the idea, but I only nodded that like saying "Hey...let's do that".

Here came the delicate and crucial part, where we should congregate and what mean of transportation we would have. So here we had our heroes: FB's, Aya's, Big D's and Masnyo's cars . Yeah! For efficiency, safety and coordination purposes, we decided to take cars as our means of transportation. Moreover, the place is pretty far and the track is steep. Tokyo Drift anyone?

Firstly, FB wasn't sure whether he would participate or not since he is busy dating with his girlfriend. Masnyo also had house renovation issue but finally managed to come! We hadn't decided the date yet until someone sent me PM saying that she would like to join the gathering and that should be a surprise for certain persons. Okay. So I just kept silent and planned all with my comrades. We finally decided to execute the plan at Feb 3rd. Oh well, it's swim or sink, so let's just do that!

Far before the the D-day, we surveyed the place for the gathering. I actually wanted to book Bukit Bintang Resto, but they only served the restaurant until 2200. Sigh...practically, we should find another place, so we went up again and found decent place for the gathering. To make it short, we booked it , special thanks to Big D and Keima-kun. Galau-ing anyone?

The most exasperated and heart breaking moment was when JC said that he couldn't join us. WUUUUT? The guy who can simply walk to Mordor couldn't join us . How could you break my heart, Bro... Oh well...but he has TOP Umbra mission that shouldn't be hindered so, aye-aye, brace yourself, JC was fighting for his dignity "seriousface.jpg. One of our special guest from Australia, Aizen-san also couldn't make it to our gathering. I yearn to hear his Australian accent. WUUUUT? Two guys broke my heart. Mod Orthanc also couldn't attend because he had issue with his cousin. WUUUT again?! Now it became three . You three should treat me something yummy when we meet.

See you in Part 2.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Invitation: Ecorey Gathering 4th February 2012

So it seemed that Dika, one of the regular posters in Ecorey Version 1.0 (hosted by Jibril a.k.a J) were going to visit Yogyakarta. She just graduated from her Senior High School and wanted to meet Ecorey's dwellers directly at all cost. Of course we wanted to pamper her with different kind of gathering. So, Febryary 2012's gathering was different from the usual Ecorey's gathering. We held it in the outskirt Yogyakarta.

Grand Design English Corner Regional Yogyakarta Fourth Gathering
Tagline | "Starry Night at Star Hill"
Date | Feb 3rd, 2012
Time | 1900 - till drop
Venue | Bukit Bintang
Agenda | chit-chat, gossiping, bullying, trolling, galau-ing, eating
Gear | sweater/ jacket, eucalyptus oil to prevent kembung and masuk angin


  1. Aya (car)
  2. Jibril
  3. Big D (car)
  4. Agus
  5. Dikanewbie
  6. Alund
  7. Joelista
  8. Clink
  9. Oom Ian
  10. Keima-kun
  11. M2 (car)
  12. FB (car)
  13. Sis Rattri
  14. Mbah Jafar
  15. Yukikawaii
  16. Who else? You maybe?
Rundown schedule
1900 Already get to the landing zone, Tugu Station
1915 - 2000 Let's marching
2000 - 2300 Main event
2300 - 2400 Round trip

Variable but not more than IDR 15K.
Extra charge IDR 5K per person for the reservation place.

  • For you who're not sure whether you will participate or not due to permission issue but you're going to be rebellious, you can just hop on at our LZ (Tugu Station) just before 1900. However, we're not responsible for the domino and after effect due to that issue.
  • For you who're not sure where the LZ is, please be kind enough to find out where it is. You can google it at least, moreover you can ask for the direction.
  • For you who easily experiencing ATP depletion, I suggest you bring glucose, simple sugar or just anything contain carbohydrate during the marching to the place and the round trip. We don't provide any snack during the trip.
  • For you who easily catch cold, please bring along your sweater, jumper, cardigan, shawl, sarong or any media for heat transfer (koyo, balsem, eucalyptus oil) in regard to the cold temperature issue. We don't provide you with the body-warmers.
  • For you who scared easily, we're not going to haunted house, so rest assure about that. However, we're not responsible for the scary experience you will encounter later.
  • For you who sleep easily, you're allowed to sleep whenever you like. However, we're not responsible if you miss the great moment or being left alone at the hut there.
  • For you who tend to urinate frequently, I recommend you emptying your urinal sack. However, I think there's toilet up there, so don't fret too mush about that. You might need tissue though.
  • For you who isn't confident enough with your speaking ability, afraid not because neither is I. The point of this gathering is for honing our English skill, strengthening our bonds and also for mutual understanding interpersonally .
  • Any question can be asked in this thread, you also can VM/ PM? SMS me . Addition of the final check can be taken later.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

English Threads All Over Kakus Realm: Regional Thread

I wouldn't address English thread as a community as what Regional Yogyakarta dwellers mostly addressed it for :P. ECOREY isn't a community. I repeat, ECOREY ISN'T A COMMUNITY. So for those who still fuss, brag, whine, confused, pretend, conspire, and think that ECOREY is a community... well... I can't help you with the gyrus in your brain, so just mind your own business. In simpler words, just go fuck yourself. Oh my...I shall stop lashing out my thought too loud. to read the list below?
The first row indicates regional,
The second row indicates the thread starter (TS),
The third row indicates the name of the thread
The fourth row indicate the link in Kakus.
NA means not available (duh!)

??English Room Reg. Papua [READ RULES FIRST]??

[OFFICIAL THREAD] Bandung English Club


[BECK] Bekasi English Community on Kaskus


NA (old)

*****Depok Kaskus English Community****

DKI Jakarta
?? Chit Chat Room For English ??


?˜|International Village®|˜?

##English Corner Reg.Tasikmalaya##

[Room] Regional Banyumas English Lounge

Karesidenan Pati
English Room Regional Karesidenan PATI (Read Rules)

Karesidenan Kedu


[ENGLISH CORNER] Let's Learn English



????? [eRYe] English Corner ?????

? ? -| BECIK |- English Corner of Regional Bali ? ?

[ BRENGCEK ] ?°¤*(¯`° Bromo English Corner on Kaskus °´¯)*¤°

? F-567 Reg Gresik English Corner, Let's Learning Better than Never ?

Jember's English Lounge

Karesidenan Besuki (Banyuwangi, Bondowoso, Situbondo)

Karesidenan Kediri
¦¦¦¦Lounge Boso Inggris RKK¦¦¦¦

Karesidenan Madiun
 R.A.E English Lounge ???

::Regional Malang English Spot (REGIMES)::


^_^ English Corner Reg. Suroboyo ^_^ - Part 2


Kalimantan Barat
Let's Learn English Together

Kalimantan Selatan
Urang Banjar Jadi Bule

Kalimantan Tengah
NA (old)

Kalimantan Timur
? International Junker Join Here (English Club RKT)?




 [REGMA] Use English Here!!! Please Come Here







Kepulauan Riau
~? ? Coffee Shop Chit-Chat Room ? ?~

.:practicing english:.



English Plissssssssss........

Riau Raya
_--_ R3 English Lounge _--_

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Rule Posting in Ecorey's Thread

Before I post about the current threads of any English threads available in Kakus Realm (regional based), I'd like to share about ECOREY's rule (posting in the thread).


1. Use ONE ID only, whether its your prime or your clone, but please be responsible. If this is your first time stop by this thread, please do read the rules first, and introduce yourself. You may take a sneak peek to page one. We have tons of interesting stuffs there.

2. No INDONESIAN whatsoever is allowed in this thread!

3. No SPAM or anything that may/ can harm an individual(s).

4. Please don't post insignificant comments such as "PERTAMAXXX", "flip the page" or emoticon only.
- Junk posts will be deleted, persistent survivors will be banned.
- If you really appreciate the poster then the least you can do is write a couple of sentences to show your appreciation.
- Good Reputation Point may be given to an individual(s) as a reward of your appreciation.

5. If you notice someone posting in INDONESIAN, please let her/ him knows that this thread is strictly ENGLISH.

6. Unapproved pictures of any individual(s)/ thing(s) will be asked to be deleted.
[Please use spoiler if you are going to post BWK/ oversize picture. Please spare those who have slow internet connection]

7. Please use quote and multi-quote if you are referring a post(s).


9. Happy posting .

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Ecorey Header in Kakus Thread

Above is the current English Corner Regional Yogyakarta (ECOREY)'s banner in page one of the active and non-active thread hosted by me, Yukikawaii. I just thought that decorating page one is a must for my in-charge thread. I believe there's no English threads in Kakus Realm are bothered enough to make their own banner but Ecorey :P.

Speaking of which, Kakus was migrated to the new hosting so some of English threads have some issue like buried or rendered inactive in the old Kakus. I will post my investigation about all English thread spread throughout Kakus Realm, not to mention the fabulous and almighty English Forum ;).

See you on my next post~